About Us

Ageing In Great Britain specialises in services for older adults, providing personalised care based on individual’s needs. Our service is delivered by our highly trained and skilled staff to customers over 65 in the Nottinghamshire area. Our staff are extremely committed to providing the best care possible. Our support workers and volunteers can help with your day to day needs. All staff work towards patient independence and aim to improve patient’s emotional and physical health. Our WOW! recovery service lasts for 6-8 weeks (but can be extended if needed). We also offer respite care to give your full time carer a well deserved break.


We also work together with other providers from the housing sector for home development for aids, adaptations or equipment.


Ageing In Great Britain's vision is to roll out our WOW! recovery service within 5 different areas within Great Britain to improve care services to older adults, disabled people and their carers in their homes after hospital discharge.


We are the only not-for-profit home care provider in Nottingham City specialising in services for older adults, providing a personalised service based on their needs, delivered by highly trained and skilled workforce.

Our Values

Ageing In Great Britain is committed to improving the health and well being of older people.

  • Support
  • Independence
  • Commitment
  • Approachable
  • Adaptable
  • Trusted
  • Specialist
  • Reliable
  • Professional


Our mission is to raise and deliver higher quality care and provide support for carers and family members.


Ageing In Great Britain was launched in 2011 by CEO Linda Redmond. Linda has worked in the Health and Social care field for over twenty years, specialising in home care. Linda has firsthand experience of how budgets dictate how care is given and it’s quality.

Linda has worked in both the publich and private sector. She has observed how limited budgets determine services and service quality, due to the demand i.e. people living longer with more modern technology and common disease such as dementia with the ageing population, these limited budgets where geared for a population with very high level needs and the population with medium to lower level needs would not meet the criteria for this service.


Linda was responsible for creating a similar scheme in Ealing, London which resulted in huge improvements to the quality of life for elderly patients. Linda intends to roll out the model she developed in Ealing to all areas of Britain. Currently based in the city of Nottingham, Ageing in Great Britain is a well established and respected provider of our WOW! recovery ‘home from hospital’ care. 


As a believer in raising standard within the care sector from by expertise, knowledge and experience Ageing In Great Britain could contribute to reducing blocked  beds within hospitals, providing a safe discharge service. This would contribute to the social values for older adults whilst filling service gaps.




Linda is passionate about raising the standards of quality within Health and Social care and set up Ageing in Great Britain to do just that. Our services prioritise the care needs and lifestyles of the patients, allowing recovery in a safe, comforting environment. 


Our staff are extremely dedicated and hard working. We value them immensely. Without them we would not be able to provide the high quality services we offer.


Our volunteers are incredibly generous with their time and offer support for our support workers in caring for our customers. If you are interested in volunteering for Ageing In Great Britain you can find more information here.



Ageing In Great Britain has recieved many awards of the past few years:

Finalist of the Community Champion Award 2013 

Enterprising Women Excellence Awards 2013- Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce chamber-derbs-notts



Finalist of the Breakthrough Business Award 2013

Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce 


Investors in People- Certificate of Commitment 2012

Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commercedownload_3

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