Our Fees

c9d96532a5-male_caree_m1845170We have consulted with our customers about our prices, and we offer excellent hourly rates which meet the national average.

As care packages are personalised to individual’s needs our fees vary from customer to customer.

For a no obligation consultation about fees please get in touch so we can consider the amount of care you will be requiring.

Call us on 0115 988 6121 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and a member of our team will be in touch.

We are able to accept local authority funding and government benefits as well as personal contributions. Our services are fully funded for DEFRA customers (certain criteria applies).   images_3


elderly care with nurseFrequently Asked Questions: 

Frequently Asked Questions- to help you understand a little more abaout what we do!


Q/ Will I always have the same carer?

A/ We aim for consistency of carers where possible. However due to illness or holiday this may not be possible all the time. 


Q/ Will there be an initial assessment? And will I get to meet my carer before care starts?

A/ Yes there will be an initial assessment in order to discuss your care needs. If you would like an introduction to your care worker it will be arranged!


Q/ Are all staff police checked?

A/ Yes we make every effort to ensure the safetly of our customers so all staff are CRB/DBS checked. 


Q/ How do I pay?

A/ We accept direct bank payments, standing orders and cheques.


Q/ How do I make a complaint? Or pass on a compliment?

A/ Email or call us! We are happy to help with any disputes and are always pleased to hear about the good work our team offers. 


Q/ What insurance does AIGB have?

A/ We are fully insured for public and employee liability. 


Q/ Is there a waiting list for care?

A/ There currently is no waiting list for care so get in touch to discuss what we can offer you!










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